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Notable Quote:
"We are in the Digital age.....
   of course it changes how you
   do things..."  

    - George Lucas

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DVD Video.gif (4025 bytes)Home Theater PC Basic Information
In quest of the ultimate image quality?   Spectacular DVD and HDTV is available today with RKR Video's Home Theater PC (HTPC)


Best Progressive Scan DVD is now better than ever!
Now Available!  RKR Callisto™ HD features

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blue_led.gif (565 bytes)      Customizable High-Resolution and Aspect Ratio
blue_led.gif (565 bytes)      HDTV Decode, Record, Timeshift and Playback
blue_led.gif (565 bytes)      DVD Scaling to Native Resolution or Optimal Scan Rate
blue_led.gif (565 bytes)      Digital Jukebox for Music Storage and Archives
blue_led.gif (565 bytes)      3D Gaming and Internet Browsing
blue_led.gif (565 bytes)      Full function Personal Computer with network support
blue_led.gif (565 bytes)      Future upgradability and optional accessories

RKR Video introduces full featured convergence systems for the Digital Home Theater.   High-Definition TV Decoder with Personal Recorder is the latest development  in home entertainment. Like peppermint oil for food, it's fresh and ready to be enjoyed.   Tomorrow's technology is all "in the box" today!

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Titan™HD Pro A/V System 

Rackmount A/V system with 100GB of hard disk space.  Removable hard drive bay ideal for storage and archiving video and audio. 




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